Check out the links below for videos and other media related to some of the stories in Indie Theater Guy!


2009 Winners | Show Your Impact – TechSoup Global (Chapter 1, page 21: details about the grant we won from Microsoft and TechSoup)

WTC View on Amazon Prime Video (Chapter 5, page 63)

A Home in the Theater on Vimeo (Chapter 5, page 66; my appearance starts about 24 minutes in–but watch the whole thing!)

Martin in Playbill (Chapter 6, page 82)

Indie Theater Now excerpt on YouTube (Chapter 8, page 97: an excerpt from the pilot episode of our MNN TV show)

New York Innovative Theater Awards Video about NYTE on YouTube (Chapter 9, page 107): tributes from colleagues on the occasion of our receiving the Ellen Stewart Stewardship Award in 2008)

Kirk Wood Bromley on YouTube (Chapter 10, page 113: Kirk coins the term “indie theater” at the 2005 New York Innovative Theater Awards)


Indie Theater Guy Photo Gallery: Twenty personal photos that complement some of the anecdotes in the book